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  • paul_richardson

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  • kselich

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    just a small correction.

    this script gave errors on our dev server, because we have dbs with '.' in the name.

    so we had to change the script in the dynamic sqls part so that @dbname changed to '[' + @dbname +']'

    thanks for the script 🙂

    and keep up the good work

  • paul_richardson

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    thanks kselich, I've never seen a database with a . in the name before, so I didn't consider that. I'll make the change on the script.


  • Matteo Zanardini


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    Hi, thanks for the script!!

    I have to keep any database off-line so the script gave me an error

    so i put an additional condition in 2 where clauses relatives to sysdatabase table to avoid the problem:

    'version is not null'

    maybe is not the smartest way but it works...:Whistling:


  • Luigi Visintin

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    Hi, I've already rated this as excellent, though (adding to what kselic said) surrounding the dbnames with [] is mandatory because you can have dbnames with various issues, like 'REGISTER DATABASE' (contains space...).

    A last couple suggestion:

    1 add to #database_collations_by_column table a column named 'tablename', both in insert and in last select so you can tell not only column name but also in which table it is, to ease searching for problems in a db...

    2 change from varchar(100) to sysname the column type in those #tables...

    But anyway very useful, I've found a few columns that will create problems in some not distant future.



  • paul_richardson

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    Thanks for the suggestions Luigi and Matteo. I'll make the suggested changes. I'll post it later in the week , as the scripts need to be checked by the administrators again before it get republished.


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