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To retrieve Stored Procedure Parameters with Description

Use this procedure to get parameters for your stored procedure with data type,length, parameter position and also the mode of parameter (Input or Output). Can be used to populate the dynamic parameters for any procedure. Mohit NayyarMCP (.Net), MCSD, MCDBA

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Technical Article

Get the Table Structure using a simple query

This query will solve problems related to Table structure. Using this query you can have the complete table structure for all the user tables with Table Name, Column Name, Data Type, and Null attributes of a column.You can run this script in Query Analyzer or make use of it in your front-end to give table […]

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What to Know about Power BI Theme Colors


Power BI reports have a theme that specifies the default colors, fonts, and visual...

A Global Team Meeting


The last few years at Redgate we’ve had the entire (or most) of the...

A New Word: sayfish


sayfish – n. a sincere emotion that seems to wither into mush as soon...

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We have about 30 databases in server A.  All of them need to migrate...

Add alarms to database when a query, stored procedure, SSIS package hangs

By Lord Slaagh

Hello SSC, I am a SQL Server developer that has some DBA skills. I...

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The Secondary Database Name in an AG

I am setting up a SQL Server 2022 Availability Group and I am ready to restore the database on the secondary. The primary database is named Finance. However, we also use this instance for QA and already have a database named Finance. How do I configure the AG to use a different database as the secondary?

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