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Find Table Usage

Creates a printable report of all stored procedures, views, triggers and user-defined functions that reference any of the tables passed into the procedure.Wrote this to easily list items affected by table changes when working in a fast-paced development environment developing a shrink wrapped product undergoing many schema changes.Split function is listed after sp definintion

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2007-10-23 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Find Column Name Usage

This procedure produces a formatted report to list which tables, views and table functions have a column of the specified name. This is particularly useful in systems that do not enforce referential integrity or when schema changes are being evaluated.

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2007-10-22 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Find Column Usage

When changing schema or modifying an application it is often necessary to determine when a column from a specific table is used.  This procedure produces a formatted report (when outputting from query analyzer or management studio in text mode) that specifies all of the procedures, views, functions and triggers that use the designated table.column.

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2007-10-10 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Determine Distance Between Any Two Locations

This function allows you to calculate the distance in miles or kilometers between any two points on the earth. I created to calculate the distance between two zip codes but is can be used for any two coordinates for which latitude and longitude is known.NOTE: A database for the coordinates of any US postal code […]

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2006-04-25 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Calculate upcoming business day from date (Updated)

Calculates the next business day based upon the work weeklength, number of days from the start date and a list of holiday dates kept in a table called HolidayDate.Created this script for determining the next banking day from 2 days after a request for wiring funds. Can be used for things like calculating shipping dates […]

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2006-01-19 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Pad String

Pads a string on either with either leading or trailing characters. You specify the direction, the tolal string length and the character to pad with.Error conditions return null

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2005-08-19 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Check if IP address is in private IP range

Function to allow for checking if an IP address is a private IP address.  Will convert the IP to a bigint equivalent if within the private range, otherwise it will return null if IP is a public address.Requires function IPStringToNumber which is included in the post

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Technical Article

Join Column Values

This script will join a single selected column from a select statement into a varchar variable. This works similarly to the javascript join function with a few additional features. By default the values will be joined with commas unless an alternate delimiter is supplied. The user can specify if the delimited values should quoted. To […]

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Technical Article

Identify Primary Key Violation Prior to Insert (Updated)

This script allows for testing if rows will cause a primary key violations prior to inserting the data.  Offending rows are stored in a table so they can be used in subsequent queries or used to debug bad data issues. This updated version adds a timestamp to the duplicates table so that identifying when the […]

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