Kevin Feit

I have been involved with software development for the past 13 years. I started working with SQL Server in 1990, when Microsoft and Sybase were development partners. One major project I have worked was development of custom middleware for communications between OS/2 and mainframe using SQL Server as the data store for the directory service. (This was in 1991-2, before the term middleware was even coined.) More recently, I was the project manager and database architect for the development of the Intercommercial Markets web site (, an online exchange for the green coffee industry using a SQL Server 7 database. I am currently working for a large financial services company. Recent activities have included upgrading my division's servers from SQL Server 7 to 2000, and developing several complex DTS packages required for an accounting reconciliation process.

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Portable DTS Packages

Have you ever faced the situation where you have needed to move a DTS package you needed to move a DTS package from one server to another, say from development to production? In this article by Kevin Feit, he shows you how to make a DTS package portable and save time.

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2017-08-23 (first published: )

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