Managing Data Change

Often DBAs receive requests to manually manipulate production data. Ideally, all data changes should be performed through the appropriate application...


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Distributing Jupyter Notebooks


If you’re working with the Microsoft Data Platform, you should be, at the least,...

SQLSaturday Orlando Notes – Large Printed Schedules


One of the things we’ve done most years in Orlando is to print poster...

Upgrading Windows 10 Home to Pro


I use Hyper-V and a few other things that require Windows 10 Pro. When...

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Stored Procedures Inside Stored Procedures

By chadswt

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Stored Procedures Inside Stored Procedures

same id,ID_SEQ,EID,TS_DT but differetn location id.

By rajesh

Delete first 3 records and last two records as same day two locations should...

RPC:Completed,sp:Stmtcompleted, SQL:BatchCompleted and SQL:stmtCompleted

By 892717952

what are their differences among EventClass of RPC:Completed,sp:Stmtcompleted, SQL:BatchCompleted and SQL:stmtCompleted under SQL Profiler...

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