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First Impressions

SELECT @@Version
Microsoft SQL Server “Denali” (CTP1) – 11.0.1103.9 (X64)
I’ve been playing with the CTP for a few days (with absolutely no...


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Come and gone

Or “Plan cache monitoring – insert and remove”
Previously I took a look at the CacheHit and CacheMiss events to see how...


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Blog Post

Hit and miss

Or “Monitoring plan cache usage”
For people interested in the details of how SQL is using and reusing execution plans, there...


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DBA Hell

On the first day of DBA hell, the server gave to me

A database with damaged system tables and no good...


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CONCAT_WS Function Truncates Text


I was writing some dynamic SQL that generates some SQL statements to load my...

Flyway Desktop Projects for My PoC


In a previous post, I set up the basic databases for the PoC project...

Daily Coping 30 Jan 2023


Today’s coping tip is to plan something fun and invite others to join you....

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Hi Team, I have a requirement to track any insert/update/Delete operations happened against Database...

Microsoft SQL over IPSEC VPN TPLink routers - 2 locations

By cpaphouse

Hi Experts. We recently set up a second location. our software at our first...

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