Microsoft Tools That Help Query Tuning


Query tuning is not easy. In fact, for a lot of people, you shouldn’t...

Author of the Year 2019 Nomination at MSSQLTips


This year I’ve been nominated again for the Author of the Year award at...

Extended Events Misperceptions: Profiler is Easier


I know, I know, I’m on #teamexevents so I think that Extended Events can...

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Variable Logging through SSISDB

By DamianC

Hello   I have some packages that were created in 2008 I'm upgrading these...

Query to Exclude results

By radoslavov91

I have the following request and I'm not sure how to achieve it SQL....

SQL Query with latest record

By aznabeel

i have table please see the screen shot   I want the CHAR_TYPE_CD "CNSMP "...

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