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Display results VERTICALLY in Results window

DESCRIPTION:This procedure will allow you to display results vertically (down) instead of across the screen. It's great when you are dealing with a query that has 50 columns and just a couple of records. LIMITATIONS: * It will be very slow if you are trying to return a lot of records. Works best for queries […]

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2007-05-23 (first published: )

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Technical Article

Dynamic and Unique field Select creator

DESCRIPTION:This procedure produces a SELECT statement which explicitly lists all fields for 'tablename' with fieldname and alias as the column name. The SELECT it produces is ready to run or if you need to join several tables just copy the column names off the SELECT it generates. I use this a lot when I create […]

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2007-05-22 (first published: )

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Better Communication Through Less Messaging

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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