Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization in SQL Server 2022. What is it and is it any good?


Parameter Sensitive Plan (PSP) optimization is a new feature in SQL Server 2022 that...

Azure chaos STUDIO


Chaos engineering is fun but especially important when building solutions in the cloud. It...

Announcing a New Book on SQL from 3Cloud Authors


I am proud to announce the launch of a new book, centered around the...

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Encrypt Varchar(max) column in SQL Server

By SatishAyyar

I have a varchar(max) column which has sensitive data and want to encrypt it....

Help with BCP in SQL 2022

By tommiwan

We have a stored procedure that calls xp_cmdshell in order to use the BCP...

PREEMPTIVE_COM_GETDATA when using DISTINCT in remote query.

By toolman21

Replacing an old server with a newer one.  A job that runs fine on...

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