Charles Silbergleith


Create a copy of an Azure SQL DB


Where I work, we will be migrating data from one set of databases into...

Take the SQL Saturday Topic Survey


What topics do you want to see presented at a future SQL Saturday (or...

Resetting Git and Abandoning Changes–#SQLNewBlogger


I recently had an issue in one of my Git repos, and decided to...

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Where to Test Your Code

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Where to Test Your Code

Looking for recommendations for reporting technologies replacements

By Rod at work

Here at work I've been maintaining an old ASP.NET WebForms app. I was assigned...

Using TDE Best Practice

By Harold Buckner

I am trying to understand when best to enable TDE. Our Asst. Director has...

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The Same Operator Precedence

Which groups of logical operators have the same precedence?

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