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This script is intended for SQL Server professionals that needs to have a quick snapshot from an environment with all relevant information about the databases. It's a compilation from multiple scripts, and works in SQL Server 2000.I think that works on 7.0 too, but may have some compilation issues.Don´t forget to see the section MANUAL […]

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Azure Databricks to Power BI


A very common approach is to query data straight from Databricks via Power BI....

SQLSaturday #1000! Join Oregon Virtually this Saturday


Honored to be a part of not just SQLSaturday #1000, but the long proud...

Azure DevOps–Reconfiguring an Agent


This post looks at how to re-configure a local Azure DevOps agent when you...

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SQL Case statement

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select name,enabled, case when enabled = 1 then 'active' else 'notactive' end as JobStatus...

How to Refresh DB in High availability and open DB later after applying Tlog

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