Eliminate Duplicates

This will find and delete all duplicate rows. You can refine the granularity of uniqueness by including more columns than just the Primary Key. If you are picky about which rows you want to delete, don't use this. Instead use the 'Find Duplicates' script I just submitted and then delete manually.


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Find Duplicates

Find duplicates in any table, and report the number of duplicates. Enter in the table name, and the field or fieldsfor which there should only be one row for each of that field, but you suspect are more. For example, if an employee table has more than one record for an employeethis will find any […]

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This script generates a statement that you would then run in the user database to get rowcounts of all tables. The advantages of this approach are you can modify it to get just the tables you want, and the output is easy to read:Table1-------1069Table2------10427


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How I passed the 70-761 certification exam


FUN FACT: I have been a Microsoft Certified Professional for SQL Server for over...

Azure Storage tips


As a followup to my blog post Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 is GA,...

Managing Agent Jobs on Availability Group Servers


As always, the scripts in this post can also be found on our Git...

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