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The code in this procedure takes standard formula’s given by Microsoft and calculates approximate size of a table as per the fields  & indexs on that table. The procdure can be quickly be used in a loop to work for entire database. Refer to article for the actual document containing the formula’s used.There are […]

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2004-08-11 (first published: )

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Capturing The Error Description In A Stored Procedure

Error handling is one of those things that is simple to do in SQL Server, but most people don't do it and it's not the most rebust thing. Here's another way that you can implement error handling in your stored procedures from a new author Amit Jethva.

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Monthly SQL Server Agent Jobs report

Monthly SQL Server Agent Jobs report Script               Monthly SQL Server Agent Jobs report. It will give a summarized picture of SQL Agent jobs run during a calendar month. You can use it to file up reports for system audit. It does not handle jobs that are run more than […]

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Executing One Line in VSCode–#SQLNewBlogger


I wrote about arrays in PowerShell last week, but I realized one of the...

Friday Flyway Tips–Comparison Options


Recently a customer asked how they could get index changes to be captured in...

A New Word: Guiltwrights


giltwrights  – n. the imaginary committee of elders that keeps a running log of...

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