Abhinav Pandey

I have 10+ years of programming experience, including building cloud native applications, APIs, CICD, site reliability, data strategy, AI, and ML. I have worked in the Salesforce platform since 2016 and have extensive experience with database technologies like Oracle, MNySql, Postgres, MySql, and MemSql. I have managed teams at Amazon Web Services, ADT Security Services . My experience in technology and architect domain has allowed me to implement technology, and drive innovation.
  • Interests: Salesforce , AWS, ML , AI

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Node Script to call Salesforce from external system

Salesforce runs batch jobs in its server which takes resources and time and creates a burden on the overall server. Hence often times there is a need for a mechanism to call Salesforce system from external system. Calling salesforce from external system results in less burden on the salesforce server and faster processing. By leveraging […]

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2024-03-21 (first published: )

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Read Only Replica in SQL Server Standard

Our environment runs using SQL Server Standard. We are implementing Availability groups. Our database has been experiencing high read volumes, so I want to let the application read the Synchronized Secondary replica, as I read that HADR does this. Can we implement this?

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