Jason Brimhall

Life Support 2008 – Audit Logons

Planning to upgrade/migrate requires a fair amount of prep work. Some of that prep work involves auditing your server for any users that may still be using the instance.

2019-08-09 (first published: )

215 reads

Finding Data Gaps

Quality data is a goal we all strive to attain. Nobody wants to have bad data. Yet, despite our best efforts, the problem of bad data has its way...

2019-08-05 (first published: )

427 reads

Event Files on Linux

For the most part, things work the way you might expect them to work in windows - except it is on Linux. Sure some things are different, but SQL...

2019-07-29 (first published: )

147 reads

Is That Database in Use?

This article demonstrates how to use Extended Events to determine if a database is being used by someone or something.
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Finding Deprecated Uses in SQL Server November 7, 2016...

2019-07-22 (first published: )

859 reads

Join a List of Values

There are multiple ways of retrieving data from a table when you have a list of values. This article explores the use of the table value constructor.
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Correlate Trace...

2019-07-18 (first published: )

488 reads

Database File Changes

Data professionals around the globe are frequently finding themselves occupied with figuring out why and when a file (data or log) for a database has changed in size. Whether...

2019-07-10 (first published: )

239 reads

Job History – Back to Basics

An important part of any DBAs job is to ensure database related jobs are running prim and proper. Sometimes that just doesn't happen. When jobs are being overlooked, it...

2019-07-04 (first published: )

434 reads


How a new custom PowerPoint template is helping us to be more effective presenters


DCAC recently had a custom PowerPoint template built for us. We use PowerPoint for...

New Event Calendar


Speaking Engagements Check out my new Event Calendar, to see my upcoming and past...

Databricks Delta Lake


Introduced in April 2019, Databricks Delta Lake is, in short, a transactional storage layer...

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