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For SQL 2000.Scan all indexes for fragmentation

This script creates an error message with a valid error number, and alert associated with the error message. (everything when it doesn't exists). Then captures all the user indexes in the database and executes DBCC ShowContig for each one. It calculates the % of fragmentation on leaf level and fires the alert when is fragmented.Then […]

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Show valuable info from sysindexes

This sp (sp_sysindexes) captures important columns from the table sysindexes and translates the numeric values into text. It shows the owner.object, the filegroup which it belongs to, the type of index, the total number of pages for tables/clustered indexes and non clustered indexes. It also shows the status, the indid and the type of object.You […]

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SP to import to a file

Is a SP that imports a table to a file. You just put the table name, the path and the sa password and then you have it. It is important that it parse the table inserted (pubs.dbo.sales for example) and checks that the db, the table with the owner exists


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Automatic Backups

Creates the backup devices where sql server is installed, creates an error message above 50001, an alert, and an adittional job in case the scripts fails. In the first time backups all databases and then backups the logs until two days past from the last full backup. Then backups the databases again and so on. […]

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The Effectiveness of Solar Estimation


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How do I tell if identity_insert is turned on and if so what table?


TLDR; The code to do this is below but it’s a bit hokey and...

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