ACM Lecture at SELU


Had the pleasure of presenting to Dr. Ghassan Alkadi and a full house at...

T-SQL Copy & Paste Pattern – Increasing a performance problem


Disclaimer: The title is my assumption because I saw it in the past happening...

Removing ad hoc plans from Query Store


This is not a post about the “optimize for ad hoc workloads” setting on...

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Txn log file is full. Error 9002

By bobrooney.81

Hi All, Here is the scenario on of the test servers. The transaction log...

How to define data types

By ocean3300

What are the things you consider when you create a new table and define...

What is the default data-type for columns made from an expression

By r.gall

In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2014, when you execute the following statement: SELECT...

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