Bert Wagner

Execution Plans: Statistics

Watch this week’s Statistics video on YouTube. Last week we looked at what execution plans are and how you can view them. This week I want to discuss what data...

2019-08-12 (first published: )

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SELECT Expression Execution Order

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube! Today I want to share with you an interesting observation I made about SELECT expression execution order. I was working on writing a...

2019-07-23 (first published: )

758 reads

Multiple Identity Inserts

Watch this week’s video on YouTube. This week I want to share something that surprised me about using SQL Server’s SET IDENTITY_INSERT statement. I started with two tables with...

2019-07-10 (first published: )

355 reads

Trailing Spaces in SQL Server

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube. A long time ago I built an application that captured user input. One feature of the application was to compare the user’s input...

2019-07-03 (first published: )

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Joker’s Wild

This past weekend I had a blast presenting Joker’s Wild with Erin Stellato (blog|twitter), Andy Mallon (blog|twitter), and Drew Furgiuele (blog|twitter). Watch it here! Table of contents: What is...

2019-06-25 (first published: )

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CHOOSE() in SQL Server

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube. While I know I don’t utilize most of the features available in SQL Server, I like to think I’m at least aware that those features...


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GotoWebinar (and Teams) won’t screen share after macOS update to Catalina (10.15)


This blog post is about the situation where after upgrading to the latest macOS...

Improving TweetDeck with Better TweetDeck


If you are at involved with the #sqlfamily, you are bound to hear about...

Interview with Bob Ward


This is the eight interview we have done. This time our guest is the...

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