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Watch this week’s episode on YouTube. When you need to filter query results on multiple values, you probably use an IN() statement or multiple predicates separated by ORs: or...

2019-05-13 (first published: )

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Correlated Subqueries vs Derived Tables

Correlated subqueries provide an intuitive syntax for writing queries that return related data. However, they often perform poorly due to needing to execute once for every value they join on....

2019-05-07 (first published: )

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Temporary Staging Tables

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube. SQL Server Spool operators are a mixed bag. On one hand, they can negatively impact performance when writing data to disk in tempdb....


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Window Functions vs GROUP BYs

There are many options available for improving the performance of a query: indexes, statistics, configuration settings, etc… However, not all environments allow you to use those features (eg. vendor...

2019-04-25 (first published: )

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SQL in the City Comes Back to Seattle


This year at the PASS Summit, Redgate is holding our SQL in the City...

Backup Techniques for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines


In the previous blog post I did a quick overview building a SQL VM...

SQLCover 0.5 - Fixes, smaller features and an exciting surprise


It has been a little while but I have updated SQLCover to include a...

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