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The MidnightDBAs release Minion Reindex


Top 10 reasons to switch reindexing solutions

Index maintenance is absolutely critical to database performance, yet a large number of shops don’t have a decent solution in place.  There are so many SQL Server database administrators that share this problem because the roadblocks are universal: building your own solution takes way too long, the company won’t pay for a third party product, and the other options available don’t meet the needs of your system.  You need something brilliant, easy to implement, free, and flexible.

The MidnightDBA team is announcing the release of a new, free index maintenance solution for SQL Server: Minion Reindex.  We designed Minion Reindex to solve all of the reindexing headaches we’ve experienced at dozens and dozens of client sites.

Features to love about Minion Reindex

Ten of the very best features of Minion Reindex are, in a nutshell:

1.       Automated operation – Run the Minion Reindex installation scripts, and it just goes. 

2.       Easy mass installation – Install Minion Reindex on hundreds of servers as easily as you can on one.

3.       Granular configuration without extra jobs – Configure extensive settings at the default, database, and/or table levels with ease. 

4.       Database and table reindex ordering – Reindex databases and tables in exactly the order you need.

5.       Flexible include and exclude – Reindex only the databases you want, using specific database names, LIKE expressions, and even regular expressions.

6.       Live insight – See what Minion Reindex is doing every step of the way, and how much further it has to go.

7.       Maximized maintenance window – Spend the whole maintenance window on index maintenance, not on gathering fragmentation stats.

8.       Extensive, useful logging – Use the Minion Reindex log for estimating the end of the current reindexing run, troubleshooting, planning, and reporting.

9.       Built in manual runs – Choose to only print reindex statements, and run them individually as needed.

10.   Integrated help –Get help on any Minion Reindex object without leaving Management Studio.

Feature favorites

We’ve had Minion Reindex in the field with a number of beta testers, who are especially excited about how customizable the solution is, and about the extensive logging.

Minion Reindex is installed with a set of easily adjustable default settings.  You can also override these settings for individual databases, and for individual tables.  Every aspect of reindexing – fill factor, reindex threshold, pre- and post-code, and more – can be fine-tuned at the database and table levels, without the trouble of creating additional jobs.

Testers are also thrilled about the reindex logging, both for the live insight, and for the extensive data available after the reindex.  Minion Reindex logs each step of the process as it happens, which lets you see what is going on inside the maintenance routine, while it’s still running.  With this feature, DBAs can now answer team members and managers as they ask ever more anxious questions: “How long will the reindex take?” “Is it almost done?” “Which operation is taking so long?” This logging also lets you report off of that data, so that you can fine tune your index routines and forecast future index operations.

Download Minion Reindex

Minion Reindex is a powerful and elegant tool that we are proud to have in our toolbox.  It makes our jobs easier, makes our clients’ maintenance operations more streamlined, and overall just makes the world a shinier, happier place to live in. 

Download Minion Reindex now for free at www.MidnightSQL.com/Minion.  And, join us at our Minion Reindex webinar on Monday October 27 at 12:00pm CT.  Check www.MidnightSQL.com/Minion for webinar information and links to documentation and feature tutorials.  


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