The MidnightDBAs release Minion Reindex

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  • What are the benefits over what Ola's maintenance script[/url] is already providing?

  • Hi Jo,

    There are a number of benefits to Minion Reindex over other solutions. I personally love the Live Insight feature, which lets you see what's happening while index maintenance is still running.

    Minion Reindex cuts down on the number of jobs you have to create; we put as much of the configuration as possible into tables, instead of stored procedure parameters. And, the configuration is very fine grained: the system as a whole has a set of defaults; you can override those settings per database; and/or you can override those settings per table. All without an extra SQL Agent job.

    We also included two level database ordering for very fine grained control of what gets maintained first (group your databases, order the groups, and then order within those groups if you like), as well as two level table ordering.

    I'll happily answer any more questions. I'd better stop myself now, or I'll write another tome about the thing.

  • I took a quick look at the docs and it's got a lot going for it. I haven't installed it to try it out yet, but I can see where this would be really useful. The configuration options are pretty powerful and more open than what I'd expected from a free tool. The ability to override down to the table level is pretty cool, as are the pre/post script options at that level.

    Jo, take a look at the docs for it if you get a chance - it's very apparent that Jen & Sean put quite a bit of thought and time into making this a very configurable and useful tool.


    Would it be worth adding some sort of trigger to make it harder to delete the "default" row and disable the process?

  • Wow Peter, that's a great idea. Funny all the things we thought about and that never crossed our minds.

    Can you add a feature req on the site for it?

    And I'd like to tell everyone how seriously we take bugs. We're dedicated to fixing bugs and providing you with the best reindex we can.

    Give us your feature reqs as well. I've got a list of v.2 features in my head but we definitely want to hear from you guys.

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  • Added it to the feature requests on the site.

    It really does look like a promising tool. The logging is a nice touch and something that we always tend to want to get to, but don't usually, as DBAs. 🙂

  • Thanks, and everybody don't forget we're having a webinar Monday to walk you through the product ourselves. This is the perfect time for you to ask questions, though we're available for that anytime.

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