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Red Gate releases SQL Backup Pro 7


CAMBRIDGE, UK, May 3, 2012- Red Gate Software has released SQL Backup Pro 7 with pioneering new features focused on SQL Server backup verification.

SQL Backup Pro 7’s step-by-step scheduling wizards aim to simplify the process of restoring and verifying backups.

Colin Millerchip, Product Manager at Red Gate Software, says: “Backups are nothing – restores are everything. Unless you verify your backups, you can’t be sure that you can restore them.

“But backup verification is a nuisance. With SQL Backup Pro 7 we’re making it easy to verify backups.

“Failed restores aren’t a theoretical problem, companies can and do go under when they find they can’t recover their data.”

Stress-free, automated backup verification

There are several levels of backup checks, but full backup verification requires running a restore, followed by carrying out integrity checks on the restored database.

With SQL Backup Pro 7, users can easily schedule regular restores and verification checks using the new Schedule Restore Jobs wizard, automatically verifying their backup files for corruption.

Database verification without the performance hit

Backup verification also verifies the source database. So for critical production servers, DBAs can off-load their backup verification to another SQL Server, and get database verification without the performance hit on their production server.

Backup, restore, and verify

As ever, DBAs can schedule regular SQL Server backup jobs and take advantage of SQL Backup Pro’s compression, encryption, and network resilience.

Millerchip finalizes: “Backup, restore, and verify are the three main features of any good backup. They’re all made easier with SQL Backup Pro 7.”

Try it for yourself

For more information, screen shots, demos, testimonials and a fully functional, free 14-day trial of SQL Backup Pro 7 please visit http://www.red-gate.com/products/dba/sql-backup/version-7/


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