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SwisSQL Helps Major ERP Vendor in Database Migration of Oracle to SQL


Case Study Snapshot

The Subject of the

case study is a global provider of personalized enterprise solutions

with a turnover close to USD 300 million. It employs over 7000 people

and has over 1,000 customers across 30 countries. The ERP vendor wanted

to migrate 2.5 million lines of code in ERP Aviation module from Oracle

to Microsoft SQL Server. The ERP vendor looked out for an automated,

reliable, and affordable Stored procedure migration solution.

[The name of the ERP

vendor has not been revealed on request considering the competitive

environment prevailing in that segment]

SwisSQL Solution

SwisSQL offered automated database migration up to 90%, saving cost by

80%. It offered productive, predictable and controlled migration

environment at affordable price.

SwisSQL Benefits

. Simple and reliable

Migration, ensures application and data Integrity.

. Cuts cost and time

drastically, automated migration for up to 90% of manual tasks.

. Moves rapidly to


Manual Migration
Lines of code2.5 million
Team size10
Total Duration6 months
Person months60

- calculated at $4K per person per mon

SwisSQL Helps Major ERP

Vendor in Database Migration from

Oracle to SQL Server


Major ERP Vendor saved an

estimated $200K and 52 person months using SwisSQL to migrate

2.5 million lines of mission critical module from Oracle to Microsoft

SQL Server.

Business Challenge


ERP vendor, a global provider of customized enterprise solutions

developed Aircraft maintenance solutions. Its Enterprise Asset

Management for aviation, consists of modules covering all areas of

enterprise management for the fixed wing aircraft and helicopter

maintenance industry. The solution is implemented on client server and

web transactions platform with e-business and mobile computing



of the ERP vendor's applications were based MS SQL Server, a

few modules were built on Oracle.The Aircraft

Maintenance solution had a critical module with close to 2.5 million

lines of Oracle PL/SQL code and their business logic was

implemented in Oracle PL/SQL. The ERP vendor wanted to migrate

the entire application and business logic to MS SQL Server

Transact-SQL.  It was important that ERP application also

utilizes MS SQL Server, in order to leverage its performance,

scalability and cost advantage.

Earlier Lessons

The ERP vendor had an earlier experience of

migrating one of the Aviation modules from Oracle to MS

SQL Server manually with a 10 member team. The manual

migration project did not materialize due to:


Time and Resource Expenditures:


migration required DB experts/Developers to analyze and understand the

overall design and to manually re-structure all stored procedures. This

method was tedious and error-prone.


Unpredictable Bugs:


procedures required compilation and validation before deploying them to

MS SQL Server. With developer's individual programming logic,

mistakes and bugs were prevalent, with unpredictable error



of Automated Migration Tool:


unpredictable bugs, issues, and high cost made the ERP vendor

realize the need for a fast, dependable and cost effective

automated migration solution.

SwisSQL Solution


offered the ERP vendor a quick turnaround solution to migrate

and adapt to MS SQL Server and leverage its advantages

instantly. Using SwisSQL

- Oracle to SQL Server Database Migration Solution , the automated

migration was quickly done.

Project Execution:


standards-based efficient database migration reduced the ERP vendors

validation and integration efforts through well-designed and

automated tool. With SwisSQL's purposeful design, the ERP

vendor was able to execute an efficient and successful database

migration project well ahead of deadline by following steps:



No pre-conditioning:


assisted the ERP vendor load stored procedures from local

files or fetch from a live Oracle database and migrate it to

MS SQL Server directly. Once the migration was complete,

review and validation of the code was conducted for accuracy.

This step required a small team and no heavy-handed DB expertise.



Deployment and Validation:


ERP vendor utilized SwisSQL to compile the migrated Transact

SQL procedures in MS SQL Server. The compiled procedures were

first unit tested and validated from within the business

application environment. This process ensured accuracy and

savings of time and resources.



Reduced Integration Effort:


of the migrated code with live business environment is a critical

component of Database migration. SwisSQL's effective and standards

based migration reduced validation and integration efforts by

more than 50%.

Technical Benefits:


ERP vendor leveraged SwisSQL's automated migration solution,

which offered simple and reliable stored procedure migration,

doing away with 90% of manual tasks that provided some obvious

benefits including:



Productivity Gains:


automated migration tool helped the ERP vendor's migration

team to focus just on analysis, review, corrections and

performance tweaking of converted code offering efficient and

productive migration.



Controlled Validation and Deployment:


understand that validation, testing, and integration phases are

critical components of a database migration project. The ERP vendor

saved close to 50% of cost and time

in validation due to SwisSQL

standards based migration, with minimal conversion errors, which were

much easy to solve due to the predictable pattern of bugs and issues



Complete Solution:


ERP vendor was ahead of schedule, as they leveraged SwisSQL's complete

solution, in migrating, testing, validating, and integrating.

SwisSQL's direct support from technical developers helped the

ERP vendor resolve the issues instantly.

Business Benefits:


the business justification to migrate to MS SQL Server

existed, past experience however did not converge into real

benefits. With SwisSQL, the ERP vendor recognized the impacts

on business immediately. Some of the benefits to highlight




Complete Ownership Control:


automated 90% of the code produced , thereby saving 80% of the

investment that was

spent on manual

intervention. This made the ERP Vendor to have complete control over

the migration.

    b. Faster Time to market:


amount of time was lost during manual migration exercise and the ERP

vendor was sensitive to the time factor. SwisSQL assisted the

ERP vendor to rapidly reach its goals through its automated

and reliable migration. This short migration cycle enabled the

ERP vendor to capitalize on market opportunities faster.



Immediate Time and Cost Savings:


SwisSQL, the ERP vendor saved about

$200K and 52 person months of investment and ensured faster

time to production. The

savings are from conversion and basic testing, and does not include

the savings on validation and deployment.


Product website: www.swissql.com

24/7 Product Support: support@swissql.com

Sales Queries: sales@adventnet.com

Free Edition Download : http://www.swissql.com/download.html



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