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SQL Server Stumpers, Vol.5


Simple-Talk Series
StumpersSQL Server Stumpers, Vol.5 by SQLServerCentral Authors

(1st Edition, June 2009)

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"Whether you're practicing for an exam or interview, or just wanting to see who's got the biggest SQL Server brain in your office, this book is perfect. Containing 100 SQL Server Central Questions of the Day, this book is a great way to test yourself or increase your knowledge. Say you’re looking for a new job; you’ve posted your resume, worked on cover letters, and finally landed an interview. Now you want to be sure that you look your best; that you can answer what’s thrown at you. I can’t promise that anyone will ask you any of these questions, but you never know."

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Editorial Review

Challenge you in a variety of ways about the different aspects of SQL Server. Some of the questions are arcane, some very common, but you’ll learn something and the wide range of questions will help you get your mind agile and ready for some quick thinking. This version is a compilation of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 questions, to bring you up to date on the latest version of SQL Server. So read on, in order, randomly, just start going through them, but do yourself a favor and think about each before turning the page. Challenge yourself and see how well you do.

About the Authors

Chad Crawford, Sriram Yaddanapudi, Vincent Rainardi,

Jacob Sebastian, Brandie Tarvin, Ramesh Saive,

Carlos Iglesias Martinez, Surendra Holambe,

Prashant Pandey, Reza Nassabeh, Gogula Aryalingam,

Kenneth Fisher, Steve Jones,

VM and Abhijit

Book Details

Paperback: 206 pages
Publisher: Red Gate Books


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