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SQL Server 6.x Build List


This is a list of the builds for SQL Server 6.x. There are other build lists available here.

A list of all the builds that I can find and install on my Build VM. If you find a build not listed here, please let me know (sjones @ sqlservercentral.com).

All builds are listed in reverse order, so the newest are at the top and the earliest at the bottom. You can find your build number with:

select @@Version

in a query window. This gives you the current version you are running and it should match up with one of the builds listed below.

Major Builds

Build KB Article Title Description
6.50.479 SP5a Service Pack 5a The fifth rollup of patches for SQL Server 6.5
6.00.121 RTM Release of Manufacturing of SQL Server 6.0 The first public, supported version of SQL Server 6

Note that Service Packs include all builds below that Service Pack level. So any builds listed below Service Pack 1 are included in Service Pack 1. Those below Service Pack 2 (including Service Pack 1), are included in SP2, etc. Hotfixes may or may not include updates below them because there are two trees of code. The cumulative updates do include all hotfixes before them.

Build Kb Article URL
6.50.480 6.5 Post SP5a+Q238621
6.50.479 6.5 Post SP5a
6.50.464 6.5 SP5a+Q275483
6.50.416 6.5 Bad SP5a
6.50.415 6.5 Bad SP5
6.50.339 6.5 Y2K Hotfix
6.50.297 6.5 Site Server 3
6.50.281 6.5 SP4
6.50.259 6.5 SP3 SBS Only
6.50.258 6.5 SP3
6.50.252 6.5 Bad SP3
6.50.240 159671 6.5 SP2
6.50.213 6.5 SP1
6.50.201 6.5 Gold
6.00.151 6.0 SP3
6.00.139 6.0 SP2
6.00.124 6.0 SP1
6.00.121 6.0 No SP

Again, if you find something not listed, let me know.