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Red Gate launches Exceptional DBA Awards 2012 - bringing DBAs the recognition they deserve


CAMBRIDGE, UK, May 2, 2012 – The Exceptional DBA Awards 2012, an annual award for outstanding database administrators (DBAs), was launched today by Red Gate Software.

2012 is the fifth year that the awards have been run and, after a record number of entries in 2011, this year’s competition is set to be the largest ever. 

The award recognises not just DBAs with the greatest technical ability, but active members of the SQL Server community who regularly go beyond the call of duty in their work.

An essential but overlooked role

Hannah Jermy, organizer of the awards at Red Gate Software, said, “DBAs play an essential but often overlooked role: managing data, the lifeblood of any enterprise.

“We all rely on data being available to us 24 hours a day, and when something goes wrong at 3am, the DBAs are the ones who get woken up to fix it.

“The Exceptional DBA Awards are all about recognizing the extraordinary efforts DBAs often go to for the rest of us.”

Picking the winners

Nominations are open to anyone working as a SQL Server DBA. Five finalists will be chosen by an expert judging panel, made up of four well-known members of the SQL Server community: Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones, Rodney Landrum, and Brad McGehee.

The judges and the members of SQLServerCentral, the world’s largest SQL Server community website, will vote for the winner later in the year.

The winner receives full conference registration for the 2012 Pass Summit in Seattle, where the Exceptional DBA award ceremony will be held, as well as hotel accommodation and expenses. The winner and the finalists will also get a SQL DBA Bundle, Red Gate’s set of software tools for DBAs.


Nominations are open until the 29th June. You can nominate yourself or a colleague at http://www.exceptionaldba.com. The finalists will be decided in July 2012, when the voting will open to decide the winner. The results of the vote will be announced in September.

About Red Gate Software

Red Gate makes ingeniously simple tools for Microsoft developers and DBAs. Red Gate’s DBA tools cover everything from backup compression and verification to SQL Server monitoring. Find out more at http://www.red-gate.com.


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