Tracy Hamlin, Exceptional DBA of 2010, on what it means to go the extra mile

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  • Congratulations Tracy!

    I am a bit disappointed in the article's extreme brevity of the technical aspects of her accomplishments: what about transaction rates? Use of the data? Types of databases?

  • Congrats again Tracy. It is good to see this kind of information and candidness from the winner.

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  • Congratulations Tracy!!!

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  • Tracy, you are truly inspirational!

    You are right, family comes first. But technology, especially databases, is so intriguing. As a DBA you can use your logic and organization talents at the same time.

    Way to go!

  • Well done Tracy. Believe it or not there are companies where developers do not want to engage with DBAs regarding schema design or even code improvements.

    I wonder how Tracy juggled three kids and a hobby with famously long and unsociable hours DBAs do, not to mention grumpy old men culture among DBAs??

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