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Point-Counterpoint - Certification Debate


Point/Counterpoint - Certification in the IT Industry

The topic of whether IT professionals should be certified is

a hotly debated topic in many of the forums I have visited on the Internet. A

couple years ago I attended the PASS conference and ended up eating dinner with a dozen MCT trainers. The topic of whether or not programmers, DBAs, and others should be certified was raised and much to my surprise, most of the trainers did not feel the certifications should be required. They did not object to their certification requirements as trainers so much as they objected to and found numerous flaws in the certification requirements and processes currently in place.

I have often seen this subject debated in forums, but the

forums lack the structure and organization of a essay. This article begins a

two part series on certifications with two different viewpoints from the

regular columnists of SQL Server Central. After presenting and reading each

other’s arguments, along with feedback from our readers, a structured email

debate will take place between the columnists, with a transcript published as

the debate continues.

Comments and questions on these essays are welcome and

encouraged using the “Your Opinion” tab below. Feedback will be incorporated

into the debate that continues this series.

Certification Should Be Required by Steve Jones

Counterpoint – Why You Shouldn’t Certify by Andy Warren

How do you feel about this topic?

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