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Mastering SQL Server Profiler - Video Training Course


Course Description

An exceptional DBA will be able to quickly and efficiently track down the cause of SQL Server under-performance.

In this 6-module course, Brad McGehee provides an in-depth,

step-by-step guide to mastering everything you need to know to start using SQL Server Profiler, a powerful performance monitoring and analysis tool.

Course Material

This video training course is based on the book Mastering SQL Server Profiler, also by Brad McGehee.

It contains detailed descriptions of many of the

concepts covered in this course and provides ideal support material. You can download a free copy of the e-Book from the Red Gate website:

Download the SQL Server Profiler eBook

Course Modules


Title: Introduction to the Profiler Video Course

Description: The Introduction describes some motivating factors for taking the time to master the Profiler tool.

It then provides a brief overview of the topics covered, how the course is structured,

and advice on how to get the most out of it.

Module length: 7 minutes


Title: Introduction to Profiler Concepts

Description: Defines the key terms and concepts that you'll encounter that underpin Profiler, and that you'll encounter throughout this course.

Module length: 8 minutes


Title: Profiler Architecture

Description: Discusses the inner workings of Profiler and examines the workflow of producing, capturing and consuming SQL Server events.

Module length: 5 minutes


Title: Getting Started with SQL Server Profiler

Description: Start working with Profiler in earnest. Learn how to start, stop and control Profiler and how to save the traces.

Module length: 11 minutes


Title: Mastering SQL Server Profiler Events

Description: Examines the many events and event categories that can be collected with Profiler, and how and when they can be used

Module length: 12 minutes


Title: Mastering SQL Server Profiler Data Columns

Description: Examines the important data columns that are associated with the Profiler events discussed in module 4.

Module length: 10 minutes


Title: How to Create a Custom Profiler Trace

Description: A step-by-step guide to creating custom Profiler traces, tailored to the specific performance problem you wish to


Module length: 16 minutes



4.67 (6)




4.67 (6)