Mastering SQL Server Profiler - Part 4: Profiler Events

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    Brad M. McGehee

  • Brad,

    Quite a suscinct presentation and IMHO is a great starter set for those begining their DBA responsibilities.

    In 'class' #4 you mention a #5 in the offing. Can you provide a timeline for follow on classes on this topic.

    Again, thanks for you most excellent presentation skills!

    -- Jonathan

  • All the videos are available at:

    Brad M. McGehee

  • I have been a developer/dba/architect since '93. I have been a Profiler user on occasion, but would have used it more over the years if I knew more about it. The video series is terrific. I have downloaded the ebook and plan to read through it this weekend. Great resources. Thank you very much for producing this information in a comprehensive format.

  • Very informative, I like that the events that are useful are singled out, as are those that are seldom used or deprecated. This is a very useful series, I've enjoyed watching it while working through the Mastering Profiler ebook.

  • Hi There

    Your videos are just outstanding. Is there any way I could download these videos. Please keep your good work.

    Many thanks


  • Currently, there is no way to download these videos.

    Brad M. McGehee

  • One word...outstanding presentation...I am new to DBA field and videos like these help people like me to learn something which a book might explain in 100 pages, and also these video's are an inspiration to what you will be in the next 5 years!

    Thanks for making this into great understanding!...Please come up with more videos...1. Performance Tuning to hear from your master presentation skills!...


  • Very informative and useful.. It provides a very good insight about the profiler utility to budding Developers and DBAs.

    Thanks a Lot!! would love to hear from you more 🙂

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