Best of SQLServerCentral, Volumes 1 – 4

Steve Jones, 2009-11-30

Best of SQLServerCentral
Best of SSC v1-4Best of SQLServerCentral, Vols 1-4 by Authors

(1st Edition, November 2007)

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This is a community that includes all of you, and we aren’t looking for only the “gurus” to contribute. We love hearing about the real world you all live in and deal with on a daily basis, and Best of SQLServerCentral vol 5 represents some of the best contributions to in 2007. authors

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Editorial Review

The Best of SQLServerCentral v1-4 pulls together some of the best, most popular, and the most read articles of 2002 – 2006 in digital format,

covering database administration, BI, ETL, design, security, T-SQL, XML and much more besides. We’ve pulled together all 4 books, in their original formatting, and made them available so you can complete your SQLServerCentral archive.

The Authors

Alex Grinberg,

Alex Kersha,

Alexzander Nepomnjashiy,

Ameet Phadnis,

Amit Jethra

Andre Quitta,

Andre Vigneau,

Andy Jones,

Andy Warren,

Anthony Bressi

Anubhav Bansal,

Aries Manlig,

Ashish Kaushal,

Bob Musser,

Brian Kelley

Brian Knight,

Bruce Szabo,

Cathan Kirkwood,

Chad Miller,

Charles Hawkins

Chris Cathers,

Chris Cubley,

Chris Kempster,

Chris Rock,

Christoffer Hedgate

Christopher Duncan,

Dale Elizabeth Corey,

Daniel Gallagher,

Darwin Hatheway,

David Poole

David Sumlin,

Denny Figuerres,

Dinesh Asanka,

Dinesh Priyankara,

Don Church

Don Frazier,

Don Peterson,

Eli Leiba,

Frank Kalis,

Frederik Vandeputte

G Vijayakumar,

Gheorghe Ciubuc,

Goce Smilevski,

Grant Fritchey,

Greg Robidoux

Gregory Larsen,

Haidong Ji,

Herve Roggero,

Hugh Lynch,

James Greaves

James Luetkehoelter,

James Travis,

Jayram Tallamraju,

Jeff Moden,

Jeffrey Yao

Jereme Guenther,

Jeremy Kadlec,

Joe Sack,

Jon Reade,

Jon Winer

Jonathan Stokes,

Joseph Gama,

Joseph Sack,

Kathi Kellenberger,

Ken Powers

Kevin Feit,

Kevin O’Donovan,

Krishna Sonti,

Kristian Wedberg,

Leo Peysakhovich

Leon Platt,

Les Smith,

M Ivica,

M. Choirul Amri,

Mark Nash

Mattias Fagerlund,

Michael Coles,

Mike Pearson,

Morten Wittrock,

Nagabhushanam Ponnapalli

Nanda Kishore,

Narayana Raghavendra,

Neil Jacobson,

Neil Weicher,

Nicholas Cain

Patryk Nowakowski,

Paul Ibison,

Peter He,

Peter Ward,

Rahul Sharma

Raj Vasant,

Rama Nageshwara,

Ramesh Gummadi,

Ramunas Balukonis,

Randy Dyess

Ranga Narasimhan,

Rob Scholl,

Robert Davis,

Robert Marda,

Robert Pearl

Robin Back,

Roy Carlson,

Ryan Randall,

Sanket Naik,

Santveer Singh

Satia Madimchetty,

Sean Burke,

Sean McCown,

Serhiy Snisarenko,

Sharad Nandwani

Shiv Kumar,

Sloan Holliday,

Sotiris Filippidis,

Stefan Popovski,

Steve Jones

Steve Moore,

Subramanyam Krishnamurthy,

Suresh Maganti,

Sureshkumar Ramakrishnan,

Sushila Iyer

Terry Troisi,

Thomas LaRock,

Tiago Andrade e Silva,

Tim Chapman,

Tim Mitchell

Tom Lodermeier,

Tom Osoba,

Viktor Gorodnichenko,

Vince Iacoboni,

Vinod Kumar

Wayne Fillis,

Wes Brown,

Zach Mattson

Book Details

Paperback: 991 pages
Publisher: Central Publishing Group


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5 (2)

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