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Best of SQLServerCentral, Volume 6


Best of SQLServerCentral
Best of SSC v6Best of SQLServerCentral Vol 6 by SQLServerCentral.com Authors

(1st Edition, November 2008)

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" This is a community that includes all of you, and we aren’t looking for only the "gurus" to contribute. We love hearing about the real world you all live in and deal with on a daily basis, and Best of SQLServerCentral vol 6 represents some of the best contributions to SQLServerCentral.com in 2008.

" – SQLServerCentral.com authors

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Editorial Review

Once again SQLServerCentral.com had another fantastic year and volume 6 of "Best of SQLServerCentral" pulls together some of the best, most popular, and the most read article of 2008, in dead tree format, covering database administration, BI, design, security, T-SQL, and most things in between.

The Authors

Abdul Basit

Ken Simmons

Wayne Sheffield

Ken Kaufman

Amriteshwar Singh

Kevin van der Merwe

Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Jr

Kev Riley

Andy Leonard

Louis Roy

Andrew Sears

Kirk Kuykendall

Ashish Kumar Mehta

M. Deschene

Andy Warren

Lynn Pettis

Basit Ali Farooq

Mark Nash

Austin Zellner


Bill Nicolich

Michael DeYoung

Bert Carles

Martin Cremer

Carolyn Richardson

Mohan Kumar

Brandie Tarvin

Mike DiRenzo

Daryl Quadros

Narayana Raghavendra

Charles Eaton

Narasimhan Jayachandran

David Leibowitz

Owais Bashir Ahmed

David Bird

Nick Maroudas

David Poole

Paul Clancy

David Pruden

Patrick LeBlanc

Dinesh Asanka

Peter Kierstead

David McKinney

Paul Ibison

G. Vijayakumar

Richard Lu

Frédéric Brouard

Prashant Pandey

Girish Bhat

Roi Assa

Gennadiy Chornenkyy

Richard Gardner

Gregory Jackson

Ryan Cooper

Grant Fritchey

Roy Ernest

Ian Stirk

Scott Abrants


Ryan Clare

Jacob Sebastian

Simon Facer


Shashank Bhide

James Rea

Teshome Asfaw

James DiMauro

Solomon Rutzky

Jamie Thomson

Thomas LaRock

James Greaves

Thomas Pieries

Johan Bijnens

Tjay Belt

Jeff Moden

Timothy A Wiseman

Jonathan Kehayais

Troy Ketsdever

John Cawley III

Tom Fischer




Vincent Rainardi




Ying Zhang

Book Details

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: SQL Server Central Books


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