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, 2019-03-25





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The Value of A DBA

SQL Server 2000 does an amazing job of running itself to a large extent, much more so in my experience, than the other major platforms. That being said, it isn't designed to run without some sort of DBA, at least not at an efficient level. But what value does a production level DBA bring to your organization? Your manager might wonder, but with many years of experience as a production DBA and manager, Steve Jones brings you a look at the value that a DBA provides.

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Pro Developer : This is Business

In his travels, Christopher Duncan has come to recognize a great many similarities between programmers and musicians. Both have the fire, passion and soul of the artist. And all too often, both are aweful when it comes to the business end of things. Business - you know, that aspect of your work where they actually pay you at the end of the day?


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Pro Developer : Throwing Money Out the Window

It's common knowledge among programmers that most of the ills of the software industry, and most particularly the companies where we work, could be solved by simply letting the technical people make the technical decisions. Obviously, since this is so incredibly logical and sensible, it's a given that most companies leave management decisions to managers, and technical decisions to the computer guys.


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