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, 2019-03-25





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Using DDL Database Triggers

In this short demonstration, you'll learn how to use DDL database triggers to prevent changes to product and audit changes to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other change management requirements. Free registration required.


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Worst Practice - Triggering External Events

Andy Warren started his worst practice series some time ago with the intention of looking at the worst things you can do. Given that we may not always be able to implement the best practices, at least we can try to avoid doing things harm the system or decrease performance. This article continues the series and looks at an item I see mentioned in our discussion forum quite often, triggering external events. From a trigger.


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Testing for an Updated Column in a Trigger

The columns_updated function gives you the ability to easily test to see if specific columns were modified with less code than you might otherwise need to use. In this article Andy Warren demonstrates how to create a trigger that uses this function and points out some reasons why you may NOT want to use it!

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