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  • RE: Check Contraint VS Unique Index

    Thanks for the info. I never used the check constraints before so was wondering.

    As always your help is greatly appreciated.

  • RE: Alter Table Add 2 Fields Takes Too Long

    Sean Lange (9/25/2015)

    zulmanclock (9/25/2015)

    Hello all. I have a strange one that i have never encountered and at this point am totally lost. We have a proc that adds some fields...

  • RE: How to insert result from dynamic openquery into an existing table?

    sql84 (9/25/2014)

    How can I insert the result of below dynamic openquery into an existing table

    DECLARE @TSQL varchar(8000), @VAR char(2)


  • RE: Table locks

    GilaMonster (4/29/2014)

    Once the statement completes and any triggers on the table have fired and have completed.

    Thank you very much for your answer. Now this places me back at the start...

  • RE: Table locks

    GilaMonster (4/29/2014)

    Nothing to do with a procedure.

    Locks taken by data modifications are released when the transaction finishes (commit/rollback). If you aren't using an explicit transaction, that means the locks are...

  • RE: Get all the Child Tables up to N level

    Thank you for this post,

    How could i use this to find the order in which to delete tables so i do not receive foreign key violations?

  • RE: Count number of leading character

    Mark-101232 (9/9/2013)


    SET @S = ' =10 02=5608= '

    SELECT LEN(@s) - LEN(LTRIM(@s))

    Thank you Mark. Its funny because i used that in...

  • RE: Date

    Figured it out. Had to do some string manipulation but i got it:) Would have been easy if i wasnt working with data that came from Unix.

    SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(25),DATEADD(dd,-(DAY(DATEADD(mm,1,Cast(Field1 as...

  • RE: Date Format

    vishnus (4/18/2013)

    There is a bug in DateFormat function

    E.g.: SELECT dbo.fnDateFormat('5/5/2013','MON')

    O/P: 5AY

    Please make sure you have the revised function code, there was a bug found and i adjusted the code. ...

  • RE: Date Format

    In its current format it does not recognize the difference. If you chance the line

    IF (CHARINDEX ('MON',@DateValue)>0)


  • RE: Date Format

    No problem. Thank you for your comments.

  • RE: Date Format

    Ok I see the problem. In the code you function lost the single quotes around the 0.

    IF (CHARINDEX ('DD',@DateValue) > 0)


  • RE: Date Format

    Can you show me the function as it is on your system? I wonder if maybe when you copied and pasted from the article maybe it missed or added...

  • RE: xp_sendmail not sending @message text

    No problem at all.

  • RE: xp_sendmail not sending @message text

    To avoid this you can use:


    This will prevent a field where the value is NULL from making the entire result NULL as well.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)