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  • vishnus (4/18/2013)

    There is a bug in DateFormat function

    E.g.: SELECT dbo.fnDateFormat('5/5/2013','MON')

    O/P: 5AY

    Please make sure you have the revised function code, there was a bug found and i adjusted the code. See below:

    SET @DateValue = @Format

    IF (CHARINDEX ('YYYY',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'YYYY',

    DATENAME(YY, @Datetime))

    IF (CHARINDEX ('YY',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'YY',

    RIGHT(DATENAME(YY, @Datetime),2))

    IF (CHARINDEX ('Month',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'Month',

    DATENAME(MM, @Datetime))


    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'MON',

    LEFT(UPPER(DATENAME(MM, @Datetime)),3))

    IF (CHARINDEX ('Mon',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'Mon',

    LEFT(DATENAME(MM, @Datetime),3))

    IF (CHARINDEX ('MM',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue,'MM',


    IF (CHARINDEX ('M',@DateValue) > 0) AND (CHARINDEX('MA',@DateValue)=0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue,'M',


    IF (CHARINDEX ('DD',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue, 'DD',

    RIGHT('0'+DATENAME(DD, @Datetime),2))

    IF (CHARINDEX ('D',@DateValue) > 0)

    SET @DateValue = REPLACE(@DateValue,'D',

    DATENAME(DD, @Datetime))

    RETURN @DateValue


    Make sure that your code has the highlighted row in it, if not just copy and paste this code into your function and it should be fine.

    Thank you

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