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  • RE: Why Don't We Have Better Practices?

    I think the key to this is insurance. If you buy agricultural products, it is possible to insure the quality and there are specialist companies that do this (SGS, Cotecna)....

  • RE: Keep Your Purpose in Mind

    What I've noticed is that management have lost respect for their work force. When the time comes to downsize someone they become a post or a role and not a...

  • RE: In Praise of Barebones Applications

    I think the problem IT departments have is lack of control. If these little applications are developed beyond their control, IT are left holding the can when the developer leaves....

  • RE: Trigger fired by a calculated field??

    Just out of interest, how would you use a SQL AGENT job?

  • RE: Problem Trigger

    Hmm, I was saving that as a last resort in case someone could come up with and explanation and/or solution. Its looking increasingly likely that the table will have to...

  • RE: Problem Trigger

    This won't work here, I've been trying to do this for weeks. EM has been restarted numerous times and the server re-booted.

  • RE: Problem Trigger

    The triggers are :





    If I try to drop triggers that do not exist I get this:

    Server: Msg 3701, Level 11, State...

  • RE: Problem Trigger

    I usually do this in an ADP Access database, but yes, when that failed I tried it in Enterprise manager - hence the saga of trying to drop it via...

  • RE: Problem Trigger

    I ran it from a batchfile I keep for these purposes. It runs nightly. The command line I used was:

    osql -E -S Orinoco -i DropTriggersOnNewTblProperty.sql > 17112004_2.txt

    there was no error...

  • RE: Problem Trigger


    this is the script that I was trying to run last night:

    use MaintSQL


     drop Trigger dbo.NewTblProperty_TriggerUpdateSurveyor


    drop Trigger dbo.NewTblProperty_UpdateSurveyor



  • RE: DB2 A Worthy Competitor?

    I think its Dr Codd - thanks be to Codd! But otherwise, you made some good points

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