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  • RE: Does a SQL backup write tot he transaction log file?

    The backup runs for about two hours and gets to about 80% when the log file starts to grow as described above. This has happened twice on consecutive attempts to...

  • RE: Does a SQL backup write tot he transaction log file?

    Well I am not sure what "code" I could show as I am using SSMS to run the backup. Is there something particular you would like me to post up...

  • RE: Index Management

    Not sure what your pasting into Grasshopper, code block I copy, pastes well formed for me in NOTEPAD, NOTEPAD2 and into a query pane.

  • RE: SQL Profiler - "Import Performance Data" is greyed out

    I am experiencing this too. I run Profiler 9.00.3042.00 on MSSQL 2005 and PerfMon on Server 2003 SP2. Once out of about 6 attempts did the Import Performance Data option...

  • RE: Index Management

    In step 1 the fourth code block I believe you omitted the "s" in the FROM line for the ALIAS "so"

    I changed the code to "from sys.objects so...

  • RE: Index Management

    In Step 1 code block three is:

    Create Function Uf_GetIndexSize

    (@index_id int,@tableid int)

    Returns float



    return (select cast(reserved as float*8192)/(1024) from sysindexes

    where indid=@index_id and id=@tableid)


    I get:

    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure Uf_GetIndexSize, Line...

  • RE: You Shouldn't Have Done That

    You have the right document from MSDN, it clearly states the upgrade path from eval to Standard or Enterprise, even says Express can be upgraded.

    I have done the upgrade from...

  • RE: The Ultimate Index Lister (Non-Pivoted)

    Where does this SP need to be created, I created it in Master and it only returns result from the dbo or sys schema's.

  • RE: Script to return Rows count from table using sp_ExecuteSQL

    I also got one row with NULL, so I did not see much use for this SQL.

    but Russel Bell, this is useful, thanks.


    Sometime the topic just gets you looking in...

  • RE: Finding and Listing ALL Procedures, Functions, and Views in SQL Server 2005

    The way I find out what stored procedures are in a database is in Management Studio, to drill into the Programmability | Stored Procedures | System Stored Procedure. Here you...

  • RE: More RBAR and "Tuning" UPDATEs

    Jeff, as I read your article I worked through it and saw the improvement your change made; and then Hugo sample worked great too. To read the comment that good...

  • RE: Split User Defined Function

    When I ran the SELECT statement by itself I see that this is a function that exists, what is the change you are making to the default Function?

    I changed the...

  • RE: The Easy Poll

    Service Packs=Yes

    Even though I will implement the weekly fixes and mostly without testing, as there is never enough time or resources. We have grown comfortable with our DR methods to...

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)