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    What happened to the question?

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    Enjoy your time off Grant.

    I don't know if they still do it but you used to be able to tour Gettysburg on horseback. It was an amazing experience.

  • Reply To: Building a front end for a database

    You should check out this SQL Bits presentation on SQL Injection by Grant Fritchey before you connect a website to a database. This will help you get a handle on...

  • Reply To: Moving on but not far

    Thank you Kathi. Here's hoping the new position at Redgate is everything you want it to be.

  • Reply To: Scripting Makes Mistakes Easier Than Ever

    Jeff Moden wrote:

    ”if you want something real bad, that’s the way you’ll usually get it”.

    That's the truth...

  • Reply To: Your User Manual

    This is a really interesting idea Steve. I think I'm going to dedicate some time to writing my manual. It sounds like a great way to really think about what...

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    Rod at work wrote:

    So, why is it a bad idea to use production data in test/dev?

    Off the top of my head, Only a few accounts have access to production limiting the accounts...

  • Reply To: Upgrade SQL and OS of legacy

    Grant Fritchey wrote:


    However, I'm on board with this in general. No, not in-place vs. side-by-side. Rollbacks. Rollbacks are almost never really achievable.

    I didn't have a good feeling about their rollbacks from...

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    We had a directive from corporate to upgrade all our server OSes to 2019. I was informed by IT that they were going to in-place upgrade the SQL Server OSes....

  • Reply To: Most of Us Are Vulnerable

    My company has MFA setup on our VPN connection and any time we RDC into a server. The default is Microsoft Authenticator. Most of the time it works fine and...

  • Reply To: A New Language

    I played with R a little bit but it's not for me. I find python much more interesting and easier to wrap my head around. I'll continue to work on...

  • Reply To: Coding for the Future

    Taking off my DBA hat and putting on my developer hat. I agree with Steve that we need to think through scenarios for the code we write. Can we always...

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    I work for a lab and basically any lab that's capable of running PCR / antigen testing probably is right now. This obviously skews our data from over 2 years...

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    Eric M Russell wrote:

    Does anyone here remember FoxPro for DOS and Clipper? Old timers in the IT outback will occasionally see these things still living in the wild.

    I (vaguely) remember working with...

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    My first computer was a HeathKit Computer Learning Center. It had a CPU, hex keypad, a few 7 segment LEDs, some other chips and a breadboard. It was fun to...

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