CosmosDB APIs Inside SQL Server 2024

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  • Ah, Steve, ya got me again. I'm still laughing! That was very funny.


  • Steve,

    I'm remembering your SQL Server running on Linux April Fool.

    I'm also mindful of the GraphDB extensions, the XML extensions and the JSON extensions in SQL Server.

  • Steve,

    Like David, I'm still grinning remembering your SQL Server on Linux April Fools post. Ya never know!

  • Glad you liked it.

  • Yeah, but depending on how we choose to interpret it, you basically described Polybase.

    ".. That work is being added to SQL Server 2024, so that you'll be able to add a separate storage engine that doesn't use the same RDBMS/extent/page structure, but instead is optimized to let you store documents, JSON, and other structures. In addition, there will be new query processors that can run queries from your MongoDB, Cassandra, and Gremlin graph clients .."

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