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  • Reply To: CTE in Tempdb

    I was expecting to see recursion listed among the answer options, but realized that recursion was simply a scenario that guarantees a spool operator.

  • Reply To: Jumping Air Gaps

    Physical tapes only protect you if the tapes eject from a tape library and can't be accessed without human intervention - otherwise an attacker can just have your tape library...

  • Reply To: Rebuild vs Reorganize

    Brahmanand Shukla wrote:

    I do agree with you. Code Fix should be considered the first solution instead of REBUILD/REORGANIZE. Somehow, there is lack of knowledge I guess that can be filled with...

  • Reply To: Rebuild vs Reorganize

    I beg to differ on the "As compared to the rebuild index operation, reorganize index is less resource-consuming operation" assertion.  That is not a clear-cut assertion either way.  From a...

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  • Reply To: Transient Synonyms

    Carlo Romagnano wrote:

    In your example you mismatched the synonym StagingSongs with SongStaging

    I noticed this as well, but since there was no option for "Invalid object name 'dbo.StagingSongs'.", I assumed the intention...

  • Reply To: Minimalistic SELECT

    Oddvar Eikli wrote:

    However, the data type isn't strictly speaking an INT it is a DECIMAL(1,0):

    The query

    sp_describe_first_result_set @tsql = N'SELECT 1.test;' 

    shows it is a system_type_id 108 (numeric) and...

  • Reply To: SQL Update Statement Awareness

    srienstr wrote:

    Alternatively, put a WHERE clause on the statement so it won't have unnecessary IO of updating rows that don't need to change.

    This is a really important point.  If you...

  • Reply To: Ignoring Divide by Zero

    One approach to avoid dividing by 0 is the NULLIF trick:

    SELECT Numerator/NULLIF(Divisor, 0)
  • RE: Using table hint TabLock

    Scott Coleman - Thursday, March 21, 2019 3:50 PM

    I assumed the author intended the INSERT to be a valid statement, for example...

  • RE: Set comprehensions

    Technically you mean "odd positive numbers" 😀 (since the set of odd numbers less than 100 is infinite).

  • RE: The Extra Table

    I made a cool discovery recently related to this.  A user cannot both be the owner of a database and be a db_owner within the database - SQL Server won't let...

  • RE: Done testing identity 2

    As documented in a number of places, the explanation "When all rows are removed from the table, the SEED is used for the identity value." is not entirely accurate.  DELETE FROM...

  • RE: Cleaning up the Identity

    Solomon Rutzky - Thursday, January 31, 2019 12:36 PM

    Good to know about "sys.identity_columns.last_value".  🙂

    I originally found it via this Stack Overflow thread:...

  • RE: Cleaning up the Identity

    Note that the explanation is incorrect (at least for SQL 2016 and earlier, and most likely for SQL 2017 - the docs insist that the behavior changed after 2008 R2,...

  • RE: Trust But Verify

    One of the seminal papers on this is Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust".
    It sends a shiver up my spine every time I read it, but there...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)