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  • RE: Updating a TEXT column in a cursor using UPDATEXT

    Nope, I wish it was that easy, there are some rows in that table that have more than 8000 chars in them, that is why varchar(8000) was not used in...

  • RE: Updating a TEXT column in a cursor using UPDATEXT

    FYI, I have made some chenges to this that I belive will also help:

    1. Drop the Transaction in the SQL script. Since this will cause...
  • RE: Updating a TEXT column in a cursor using UPDATEXT

    SELECT max(DATALENGTH(content_blob))

    FROM content_blob


    and CONTENT_BLOB LIKE '%''''%')

    RETURNS 5006


  • RE: Question of the Day for 22 Mar 2006

    The correct answer to this question all depends on what version of SQL Server you are using. SCHEMA_NAME() is only a recognized function in SQL Server 2005, not in SQL...

  • RE: Interviewing

    The most important point you made in your entire article during an interview is to RELAX. NEVER appear DESPERATE or NERVOUS in a interview. That will end it faster than...

  • RE: Moving Replicated Databases

    Clever, but I don't recommend doing this at all. You are really risking getting things really screwed up! You are better off just scripting out replication including the jobs, removing...

  • RE: How to be a Good DBA - Strategy and Tactics

    I have been a Senior DBA for many years and the one thing I have learned the hard way is "CYA" at all times...I have seen too many talented and hard-working...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 01 Sep 2005

    I also agree. Password protection and encryption are two different things related to security. Simply putting a password on a backup does not equate to ispo facto encryption.

  • RE: Question of the Day for 30 Jun 2005

    You forgot about the fifth choice:

    5. Fire the junior DBA for dropping a production database without communicating this beforehand to anyone. If it was simply an accident then take away...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 23 Jun 2005


    Not true, NOT EXISTS is always better on performance than NOT IN. This is an excerpt right from SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips (

    If you currently...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 23 Jun 2005

    I agree, I think the 2 choices to this question should have been:


    2. NOT IN

    Then, this question would have been more relevant.

  • RE: The DBA Whoops

    Good article, and number of valuable lessons come out of this:

    1. Never do an update directly to a production db without first testing this in development or QA environment first...

  • RE: Disappearing DBAs

    Absolutely 100% wholeheartedly agree with you and your excellent and very overlooked point about Sarbanes-Oxley makes the whole discussion about the demise of production DBA's a moot point. Great article!!!!!


  • RE: Moving System Databases - A Checklist

    This article is redundant in my opinion since there is already a KB article that has been out for quite some time that covers this topic very well.

  • RE: Question of the Day for 17 Nov 2004

    If the question is what is wrong?  Yet another BS question designed to trick people. When are the people in charge at going to put a stop to...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)