Moving System Databases - A Checklist

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  • This article is redundant in my opinion since there is already a KB article that has been out for quite some time that covers this topic very well.

  • This article is doubly redundant, since it was published earlier - my printout of it is dated 8/18/2005.  Why the rehash?

    I do like some things about this article better than Knowledgebase 224071, like it gives you the steps in the correct order.  I combined what I liked about both into my own document, maybe I should publish that?

  • This article is a much easier read than the KB article. It's hard to believe that Microsoft's documentation could be considered dry, I know, but I do prefer the style of this article for my "toolbox" of scripts.

    Anyway, virtually everything on sqlservercentral is just a rehash of Books Online and MSDN. Why not just close it down? It's just redundant.

    Man, the negativity is just freaking depressing. If you don't like it, just don't read the darned thing.

    John Scarborough

  • Anyone figured out how to move systems dbs in SQL 2005 RTM? I just tried with the -T3608 startup parameter, and it bombed. Used to work like a charm in SQL 2000!

  • AllyAnneA

    Here is a KB article describing how to move system database files in SQL Server 2005.



  • We like to think that authors add value to a process over what may already be documented in BOL or elsewhere on MSDN. Occasionally we will re-run articles that have been well received in the past and that still seem to address the needs of our readers.

  • I appreciate the effort in laying out the steps one after another. This is a good time-saver at least for me.

  • I know this post is old, but seems very informative and just what I need. My question is, will this procedure work on a Clustered instance, with the caveat that we use the Cluster Administrator to stop/start the sql services?

    Anyone performed this on a cluster (nodes remaining the same, just moving to new back end storage), I'd appreciate some feedback.



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