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  • RE: Running a stored procedure multiple times

    Martin Schoombee (2/24/2012)

    Divine Flame (2/24/2012)

    I am thinking of something like this:

    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#MyTestTable24Feb2012') IS NOT NULL


    DROP TABLE #MyTestTable24Feb2012


    CREATE TABLE #MyTestTable24Feb2012



    Value VARCHAR(20)



    INSERT INTO #MyTestTable24Feb2012 VALUES ('Param1')

    INSERT INTO #MyTestTable24Feb2012 VALUES ('Param2')


  • RE: Running a stored procedure multiple times

    Martin Schoombee (2/24/2012)

    stephen99999 (2/24/2012)

    Would the SSIS for-each loop be faster (theoretically) ?

    as for the 2nd sproc (xsp_run_sproc2), it accepts the parameter @value, gathers data from various tables based...

  • RE: Running a stored procedure multiple times

    Martin Schoombee (2/24/2012)

    It's a little difficult to say, because we don't know exactly what that second proc is doing...but my somewhat generic advice would be the following:

    I would re-write the...

  • RE: Running a stored procedure multiple times

    fahey.jonathan (2/24/2012)

    It seems to me that what you are doing is an itterative, sequential process, and a CURSOR is an appropriate way to solve the problem.

    I don't know...

  • RE: Can't see Reporting services in Object Explorer

    MarkusB (1/31/2012)

    stephen99999 (1/30/2012)

    I am using SQL Server 2008 R2 Express and Management Studio Express.

    I'm pretty sure that's the reason why you don't see SSRS

    That is exactly what I thought. Thanks...

  • RE: How to copy a report to build another report

    MarkusB (1/31/2012)

    stephen99999 (1/30/2012)

    How can you copy one report, and use that copy to build another report?

    In your BIDS project choose a existing report and select the original rdl file. After...

  • RE: Try Some New Tools This Month

    As a jr. SQL dev, I had never gotten the chance to use some of the redgate tools. Earlier this month I checked out SQL Search (, and wow, just...

  • RE: Single DB vs 2 DBs

    No, Steve you hit the nail on the head. I left out any details only to get a overall perspective from you guys on the topic.

    I am Jr SQL...

  • RE: Single DB vs 2 DBs

    Thanks Steve. Would you happen to have any links (you suggest) on managing/developing a DB that has calls from 2 or more applications?

  • RE: Single DB vs 2 DBs

    1 app is for administrative (reporting, oversight, management), while the other is for end users (data entry, update, etc).

    For the purpose of the question though, lets just say we...

  • RE: Single DB vs 2 DBs

    Well we have 2 different .net applications due to the difference between users and business requirements. However, the data is the same for both.

    My immediate thoughts on this would be...

  • RE: tool for managing stored procedures

    Looks like it might be. I watched the intro video and read the description, and they say it shows all objects. Does this include stored procedures and functions?

    Also, I saw...

  • RE: DBAs and the Career-Life Balance


    You are such a downer dude... lol

  • RE: The new Analytic functions in SQL Server 2012


    Lets recall from statistics that continuous variables (PERCENTILE_CONT) are those that "cannot not be exactly counted," while discrete variables (PERCENTILE_DISC) "have an exact amount."

    PERCENTILE_CONT would be better...

  • RE: storing CSV in a column vs. table with records

    Dave Ballantyne (1/18/2012)

    The one-to-many is a more normalized view of the data and would be more 'correct'. But , you could argue that the CSV route could be right...

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