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  • RE: Data Delete issue


    Thanks for your quick response. Could you please help me in writing this script as I am new to this coding stuff?….Thank you in advance..

  • RE: SQL request performance problem

    Hi Camele, Would you mind telling how did you get this Query plan ? I meant the method of getting this plan as i am fairly new to this one...

  • RE: Restored a DB from SQL 2000, now SQL can't shrink/find log

    Try one thing...just change the competibility mode to 100 (SQL2008) since you are using sql 2008 and then try to shrink the file

  • RE: How to connect to SQL Server?

    Check if you have correct server name mentioned in the connection string? is it default instance or Named instance? If it is default then you just enter the server...

  • RE: Parallel DB availability

    Well..SQLGuru..first of all i would like to thank everyone who responded to my question and secondly..i was just trying to get some expert advice and was not trying to waste...

  • RE: Parallel DB availability

    Thank you for your response. Well. basically they will be pulling data from SQL and putting into DB2 so we were planning to create a replica of that prod sql...

  • RE: SQL failover Issue

    Thank you guys...that was really helpful!!

  • RE: Database Issue--Please Help

    i got the error even while execution and also parsing the query..not sure how it worked for you

  • RE: Database Issue--Please Help

    Thank you guys for your quick reply if i run my script (Db creation and Table Creation) together, I get an error but if I run DB creation and Table...

  • RE: Data Transfer Issue

    Thank you for your reply. I tried all of the things mentioned in the doc already but for some reason that Append query option is not enabled for me.

  • RE: Table Issue---Help

    Thank you so much for your response and the explaination. That helped me alot

  • RE: Table Issue---Help

    Thank you so much..that is exactly what i was looking for !!!! the only question i have is, Will that work on a null column ?

  • RE: Row Size Issue

    Thank you so much..that was really a great explaination

  • RE: Row Size Issue

    I am sorry ..i did not include the complete Table Def earlier ..Please find the info below

    Addres --- varchar(30) --- Not Null

    Data --- bit (1)...

  • RE: Row Size Issue

    Thank you for your quick reply. Please find below the table Def

    Addres ----- varchar

    Data ...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)