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  • RE: Unique runs

    I'm glad it was fast too, although I was shooting for 3M rows in 5 sec. 🙂

    It will probably be that fast if I had optimized the underlying source data...

  • RE: Unique runs

    Eugene, thanks for 3-parts set warning. I read it in the JM article and went back and fixed some of my old quirky update code as well. But all of...

  • RE: Unique runs

    Dwain, works perfectly. Thanks very very much.

    First off, I never thought about quirky update though I used it before.

    Second, your code ran in 5.1 seconds for 300K records on...

  • RE: Stairway to SQL Server Indexes: Level 14, Index Statistics

    why does the date at the bottom of these articles show a future date? For example, 2012/3/26 for this article. Or is that not a date.

  • RE: how to group and rank (with reset)

    Jeff Moden (11/20/2011)


    Post the CREATE TABLE statement for you table and any/all the indexes you may have on the table and I'll show you the "Quirky Update" method Cold Coffee...

  • RE: how to group and rank (with reset)

    ColdCoffee (11/20/2011)

    For starters 🙂

    <snip>... </snip>

    thanks ColdCoffee, I think the solution is in Cross Apply. I forgot about that. I may have to tweak it a bit to get the order...

  • RE: how to group and rank (with reset)

    ColdCoffee (11/20/2011)

    Does your table an ID column to know the order of the rows?? Without that it is highly impossible to code this requirement. With ID column, this can achieved...

  • RE: Key Word Searches

    Useful solution if FTS is not enabled or or is inaccessible for other reasons. Many ISPs in the beginning did not offer FTS, for example.

    When designed properly, FTS can...

  • RE: Risk Analysis

    One govt agency I know had not spent any. Then there was a major scare one day that woke up the management. Then we planned and spent half the IT...

  • RE: Using FULL JOINs to Compare Datasets

    Nice solution that has great utility if extended to other data types with tolerances for dates, times, text, and binary values as well.

  • RE: Ways to minimize sort operations

    alen teplitsky (9/15/2010)

    there were a few times i changed the sort order of indexes to make things a bit faster. when you can't spend $6000 on extra storage because all...

  • RE: Security Disclosure

    A lot depends on what constitutes a "breach". In some orgs and for some kinds of private data, an employee from the wrong dept looking at a screen would be...

  • RE: SQL CLR Data Types and Performance

    Thanks Matt for the comparisons. My experience has been similar with floating point calculations, between 50% to 90% improvement. For text (regex-type functions), the improvements were many fold. Of course...

  • RE: The Private Cloud

    Private clouds are perfectly reasonable evolution of in-house IT services. In fact, this may be inevitable for some organizations (or applications) before they consider public clouds. Most private clouds will...

  • RE: How well do you really know your colleagues?

    How someone reacts outside their "comfort" zone is a matter of great unknown. Even individuals cannot predict how they would react at the time or cope in the aftermath. The...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 109 total)