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  • RE: SQL Server Logs

    bitbucket-25253 (6/1/2012)

    Koen Verbeeck (6/1/2012)

    Lucky guess for me 🙂


    I guessed as well... setup event log is not something I'm familiar with.

  • RE: Resource Database

    Wow, great question! Thanks!

  • RE: Backups

    Ugh, thought this was an easy one... should have done more research first. I'd forgotten the master database doesn't allow partial restores.

    It's interesting that it will still let you...

  • RE: Master Keys

    Steve Cullen (5/25/2012)

    These sorts of questions always make me wonder if what I think I know is correct.

    Why would there more than one "master"? Seems like a simple question,...

  • RE: Want to read error logs on paticlar date

    I believe the 5th and 6th parameters to xp_ReadErrorLog are start and stop datetimes respectively, so you should be able to do something like:

    EXEC xp_ReadErrorLog 0, 1, Null, Null, '2012-05-16...

  • RE: String comparison

    I'm glad everyone seems to like this question. 🙂

    SQL Server's handling of trailing spaces has bitten me a couple of times. I find it somewhat counter-intuitive.

  • RE: Foreign key

    Ugh, should have gone with my first impulse, but then I thought it was a trick since you can create a foreign key type of relationship across databases with triggers.

  • RE: Database Restore

    I believe you can restore to a point in time from a full backup without a log backup, if the current log is still available and has not been truncated....

Viewing 8 posts - 421 through 428 (of 428 total)