String comparison

  • I'm glad everyone seems to like this question. 🙂

    SQL Server's handling of trailing spaces has bitten me a couple of times. I find it somewhat counter-intuitive.

  • Nice question. A good refresher on string comparisons.

  • Good question... thanks!

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  • Good question.

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  • Great question, made me think a little bit. Good to know the details on comparisons between different data types.

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  • A very good question - it took a bit of head scratching... Thanks!

  • im agree the answer but when you select or print @a

    this have 19 spaces and the answers are wrong when you say this is correct

    think computers say 1 is 1 no 1 without spaces

  • Great question...


  • L' Eomot Inversé (5/9/2012)It would have been somewhat shocking if I had got this one wrong after writing the 15th April 2010 QotD 😛

    I thought the subject seemed familiar!

  • Good's really true that everyday you learn something new.

  • Thanks for the great question on LEN() function.

  • Good question. Thanks for submitting.

  • Great question!

    Helped me with LIKE vs =

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