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  • RE: BCP to pipe delimited format

    To use a pipe delimiter between each field, use the -t "|" option. -r is the row delimiter

  • RE: Indexes, Indexes, Indexes

    Toby Harman (7/5/2011)

    Good article covering a common situation. Indexes are created because we assume they will be the access path (as pointed out in the DateTime discussion) but because they...

  • RE: GO

    great question. I never realised Go accepted an option... now I just need to find a use for it 😉

  • RE: Date Time range

    Nice question. I got so caught up wondering why you chose union instead of union all that I missed the smalldatetime. doh!

  • RE: Heaps

    Good question Steve! 4 seemed too obvious to me as well.

  • RE: Type

    sknox (4/26/2011)

    Very good question.

    I think the reason this works is that the NULL in the CREATE TABLE is an attribute of the column (since NULL is actually just a...

  • RE: What's Today?

    Being an Aussie, I found this US based question harder than most of the others! Nailed it 🙂

  • RE: Data Warehouse Development: Version 0

    I'd like to add one point to your great article. DW ROI is not proportionate to the development time invested.

    Some business areas can provide high ROI, with...

  • RE: Rebuild Master

    I thought I'd nailed this one, but sadly was wrong. Nice to know, thanks for the great question.

  • RE: Data Typing Quandry

    Great question, thanks! I went for tinyint on the assumption it was 1 byte of storage and compression overhead - got it wrong, but learned something new 🙂

  • RE: Database Mirroring

    Nice question, thanks.

  • RE: Simple LIKE with wildcard

    Great question, thanks!

    I lost a point here, but it was well worth it as I hadn't even considered collation when I answered.

  • RE: Boot Page

    Great question considering 64% of the answers were incorrect! I came across this issue a short while ago which jogged my memory for this question, but nice to know. Thanks

  • RE: Don't forget this date.

    Good question for general knowledge, thanks.

  • RE: What will this return?

    I thought I'd sneak in a quick question or 2 while I was at work...then all that date math took 10 minutes to work out, and now its home time!...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)