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  • Reply To: Windows Account getting wrong SID when added to SQL Server

    Ran into a similar situation some years ago. After trying everything else, we stopped and re-started the SQL Server service and problem solved.

  • Reply To: Index frangmenting

    Exceptionally busy next few days coming, but I did rebuild this morning, set a trace, and did check once to find 0.04% fragmentation - not the usual leap to 66.-whatever%...

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    Confirmed: 0 for index level, In-Row-Data, and trigger generated the expected email for each of an actual Insert, Update and Delete.

    FWIW: This is not a end of the world scenario...

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    So... since the trigger isn't catching it, is my next step Extended Events?

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    It's coming from Table - Indexes - Reorganize. The underlying source is sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats, I believe.

    After load - create index, as well as after rebuild or reorg,  avg_fragmentation_in_percent = 0



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    So, the trigger has been in place, but has not fired. It's simple: On I/U/D, send me an email with the user_name().

    I rebuilt the index on Friday morning, this morning,...

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    Couple of days later. Wish I had the query handy, but it's on my other workstation, the one with the fried HD from a power blip last Friday. Good thing...

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    Won't be around for long, methinks.

    Also, still on 2008, and XE was not friendly in the slightest back now 🙂 That said, can't wait to start playing with it...

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    As mentioned, the index is created post-load.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Trigger, here I come!

    I'll let you know what I find.

    Thanks again


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    Ah, I should have been clearer. It is dropped and re-created monthly, populated with 1.8m rows, and then create the index. Within 2 days, the dm tables are showing fragmentation.


  • Reply To: SQL Backup/Restore

    If you have space on prod, restore it to  second DB on prod server, remove unneeded tables/content, then back that up and restore to dev.

  • Reply To: Why am I seeing logical reads on insert into #tmp table

    Thank you all.

    This was a purely educational matter.

    I share your concerns re: cursors and dynamic SQL, but sometimes there is no other way.

    At any rate, this report will likely run...

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    I could have been clearer: the logical reads are on the target of the INSERT.

    It's an INSERT #Action/EXECUTE dbo.sp_executeSQL, inside a cursor. Could it be because it's dynamic SQL?

    I SET...

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    I need to call the sprocs with named parameters, so I ended up just building a command in the cursor declaration.

    I think there was always going to be some hard-code,...

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    So I'm running a bunch of reports through a cursor. Different DBs, different subsets of the same list of reports.

    A couple of the reports have additional parameters. I was hoping...

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